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How to Master the Mindset of High Performance in Sales


By Dr. Nita Matthews-Morgan and Josh Matthews-Morgan, co-founders of Learn Your Brain

Let’s be honest: Selling is not always easy. What top producers really need is a simple guide for mentally staying at their best day-in and day-out.

Enter Deliver: How to Perform Your Best When it Counts the Most.

Used by sales professionals across all industries (insurance, real estate, B2B, etc.),  Deliver unpacks 19 principles of high sales performance in brief 2-3 page chapters that help you quickly get into a relaxed, confident mindset.

Every word in this book has been carefully crafted to put your into a peak state of performance. Just read through your favorite chapters a few minutes before you call new prospects or have your next sales presentation.

Then watch as you Deliver like you’ve never done before.

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What You'll Learn:

Written as a helpful guide for performers and sales producers in any industry, Deliver walks you through 19 principles for staying at your best.

Each brief 2-3 page chapter helps put you in the mindset of relaxed confidence needed for every aspect of selling (cold calling, follow-up, sales presentations, etc.).

Some facts about the book:

Here's what people say about Deliver:

“If you’ve ever felt like you aren’t reaching your potential, this book is definitely for you. It gives you the applicable tips to ‘get out of your own way’ and succeed the way you were created to succeed. The short, easy-to-read chapters make this a great book for the busy professional. I was able to read it in 2-3 minute increments. This book is a ‘must read’.”

~Josh Melton

Melton Insurance Group

“This book is absolutely phenomenal! Once I started reading I literally couldn’t stop! I tend to get extremely nervous when I do any kind of presentation, so this book has helped me tremendously to take control of the moment.”

Kimberly Ann Jimenez

“As an entrepreneur, there are few books I can point to that have provided as much helpful soul searching or business value as this one. I actually plan to re-read the book before a big presentation next month, one in which my livelihood and passion will be on stage for all the world to judge.”

Stephen Rosenberg

Managing Partner, Perfect Pitch Concepts

“Deliver really does walk you through how to change your state of mind to help you deliver when it counts the most. It’s easy to read, and re-read and serves [as] a good reminder that our state of mind and how we are thinking is the key to peak performance on any stage.”

Dawn Nocera

Mindset Mentor and author of 7 Keys to Freedom

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  • Use this proven checklist daily to make sure you're in the right mindset before you cold call.
  • Discover how to use “Secondary Objectives” to re-frame rejection so that every phone call is a success.
  • Employ the “Stages of Intimacy” in sales so your prospects feel open to talking to you instead of hanging up on you.

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Inside this book you’ll discover 19 principles of high sales performance, including…

  • Principle #1: Let Go of the Outcome
  • Principle #6: Center Yourself in Your Value
  • Principle #11: Detach from the Voice in Your Head
  • Principle #14: Find the Outlook of Abundance
  • Principle #16: Relax Into It
  • Principle #18: Be Here Now
  • Plus many more!
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About the Authors

Dr. Nita Matthews-Morgan and Josh Matthews-Morgan are the co-founders of Learn Your Brain. They are a unique mother-son combo who use brain science and other cool tools to help individuals and teams develop the mental programming for peak performance.

Nita and Josh created Excelerate, a cutting-edge program using tools from psychology and neuroscience to help sales professionals and business owners achieve greater levels of productivity, positivity, and performance.

In addition, they developed Tools for Transformation, a breakthrough program that helps sales professionals install the “success” feelings of top producers. This program transforms problems common to sales professionals--dealing with rejection, making cold calls, staying motivated and productive, etc.

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