The 7 Systems of the Emotional Brain

Use this framework to UNDERSTAND the core emotions that drive human behavior & DIAGNOSE the root cause of any mindset blocks holding you back

Here’s what we cover in this video:

  • Discover the Two Driving Forces That Control Virtually All Human Behavior (Hint: They both start with the letter ‘P’) (4:03) 

  • The “Big 3″: A simple shortcut for figuring out which feeling is keeping you stuck. If you struggle with any type of mindset issue, one of these 3 systems is the likely culprit. (41:00)

  • Is Fear REALLY the #1 thing that holds most people back? The surprising discovery I made after years of believing the conventional wisdom (54:33)

  • Famous neuroscientist reveals there are actually two types of anxiety. (Plus, why knowing which type of anxiety you have is the key to solving it!) (59:20)
See other fascinating facts about the brain featured in this this video
  • Why being productive is so hard when your emotions are triggered (17:07)

  • “RB & EB”: Once you understand the relationship between these 2 key brain regions, you’ll have the key to understanding human behavior (10:32)


  • Why do SMART people do STUPID things? (Explains one major reason even brilliant people sometimes self-sabotage) (18:45)

  • What you have in common with dogs, cats, and other furry critters (13:20)


  • The truth about the “Reward System” of the brain (And why it’s not always a good thing when it gets activated…) (26:50)


  • The surprising emotion involved in every addiction (whether it’s social media, gambling, or even illegal drugs) (28:44)


  • This ONE feeling is responsible for RUINING the careers of famous politicians, actors, and business leaders (35:40)


  • Shocking fact: If you struggle with ADHD, then you may have not gotten enough activation of this system as a kid. (33:50)


  • The “Linking Feelings” Strategy → The quickest, easiest way to create a new behavior that sticks (38:09)


  • The real cause of most “mindset blocks” that hold people back (It’s probably not what you think…) (45:30)


  • How I used The Big 3 to diagnose & shift a business owner’s mindset problem in less than 15 MINUTES. (And how you can use it to quickly figure out the root cause of what’s holding you back too.) (1:03:13)


  • An intro to the Tools for Transformation program for learning how to “become your own mindset coach” and shift “limiting beliefs” & feelings on your own (1:05:55)

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