Rewire The Brain For Sales Seminar

Rewire the Brain for Sales Seminar

We want to state this up front: This is not another sales training. In fact, we believe that you and your team already know how to be more successful than you already are. The real question is: are you doing what you know how to do?

It’s a scientific fact that the thoughts and habits in our subconscious mind are responsible for most of what we do. The tricky thing is that often we aren’t aware of how much our subconscious controls us–that’s why it’s called “sub”-conscious.

Do any of your team members sabotage their success? Do they resist taking the actions that they know would help them be more successful? If so, it’s because of those pesky virus codes in their programming (see video).

For your team to be successful, they have to take actions that may be out of their comfort zone. And getting out of their comfort zone can feel bad, so they probably ain’t gonna do it.

Or, they’ll push themselves to take some action in the short term, but they won’t do it for long because they’re doing it under a lot of stress. There is another way that is easier AND more effective.

In this fun and interactive seminar, we show you and your team a very simple but powerful process to delete the virus codes that shut you down. This fast and effective process will help jumpstart your team into action.

This seminar will help each person on your team:

  • Shift from procrastinating and avoiding certain sales activities to becoming efficient and productive.
  • Feel positive and relaxed instead of frustrated or negative about any situation in the sales cycle.
  • Stay calm and detached during the sales process so they can connect to their prospects’ pain points.
  • Overcome the fear of rejection so they can easily shrug off a “no”.
  • Connect with the value of what they’re selling so they can handle objections with ease.
  • Overcome weak areas of the sales process (like cold calling, writing proposals, closing, etc.).
  • Get comfortable speaking to people “above their pay grade” (great for B2B professionals).
  • Confidently ask for the money when it comes time to close.
  • Change any other negative beliefs about sales and selling.

We customize each seminar for the unique challenges that your team faces. Contact us today for a consultation or to book your own seminar.

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