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About Us

Nita and Josh are a unique mother-son combo who use brain science and other cool tools to help individuals and teams develop the mental habits of success. (They like to have fun while doing this, too. Taking people’s brains out is just another day in the life of these two hooligans.) 

Nita’s passion and wisdom is the spark that keeps everything going. Josh’s energy and peaceful nature brings it all together. It’s a recipe that includes one part wisdom, two parts passion and fun; one part personal experience, two parts expertise and savvy. Mix it all together, and you have a sense of the soul of Learn Your Brain.

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mom holding brainNita Matthews-Morgan

Nita Matthews-Morgan, PhD is the co-founder of Learn Your Brain, a company that helps individuals and teams develop the “mental programming” for peak performance. She is the co-author of Deliver: How to Perform Your Best When it Counts the Most, and Seven Keys to Freedom: The Ultimate Guide to Developing the Mind.

An inspiring and entertaining speaker and trainer, she combines her expert knowledge of the brain and creativity, along with a mixture of playful fun, to help others perform at their best.

An expert in creativity and creativity assessment, she is a protege of the late Dr. Paul Torrance, a pioneer in research on the development of creative potential and the father of creativity assessment. She served as Director of the Torrance Center for Creative Studies and Talent Development, where she analyzed the data on Dr. Torrance’s 40-year longitudinal study of creativity, the only one of its kind. Nita also taught educational psychology classes at the University of Georgia for over 15 years.

Nita continually soaks up any knowledge about the brain to help others and herself (she’s still a work in progress!). She is uniquely suited to coaching people past their struggles because of her own personal challenges. Her passion to help others transform has led her to learn many of the tools that she now uses in her performance coaching practice.

On a lighter side, Nita feels lucky to express her crazy, zany self while working with her sidekick and business partner, Josh.

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Josh Matthews-Morganjosh headshot

Josh Matthews-Morgan is the co-Founder of Learn Your Brain, a company that helps individuals and teams develop the “mental programming” for peak performance. He is a leading expert in the field of peak performance and mental mastery and is the co-author of Deliver: How To Perform Your Best When It Counts The Most.

An inspiring speaker and in-demand trainer, he has helped dozens of companies unleash their success by shifting their thinking and habits. Josh has been interviewed in The Advanced Selling Podcast and Focus Society for Overachievers.

Before founding Learn Your Brain, Josh worked as a consultant in Argentina for Prominente, a major Latin American software company, and Danone, a subsidiary of the multinational company Dannon. He is fluent in Spanish as a result of his time working and living in Latin America.

Josh’s unique perspective on peak performance, born out of his own personal struggles earlier in life, is helping people and companies blow up the old assumptions about how to achieve success.

In his free time, Josh likes taking long walks on the beach under the moonlight.

Seriously though, a little-known fact about Josh is that he is very passionate about music. He’s currently teaching himself to play the blues piano so he can have an instrument to pound on while he sings.

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