Boost Your Brain Seminar

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Boost Your Brain Seminar

The simple fact is that peak performers in any field think and act differently than average performers. They’re more able to access the state of flow–a state of “whole brain” thinking and relaxed alertness that allows them to consistently perform at their best. You know that smooth feeling you get when everything clicks into place and your brain is firing on all cylinders?

Packed full of cool tools and mind hacks from the latest research in brain science and positive psychology, this 2-day seminar gives your team the tools that help them reach and maintain the mental and physical state of peak performance.

This seminar focuses on a basic scientific fact that most of us have forgotten: our bodies and our minds influence each other. You can put your brain in “peak performance” mode through movement. Research shows that certain types of movement improve your ability to pay attention and focus, be relaxed and organized, and communicate clearly.  All of this helps you fire on all cylinders and become ultra-productive just like a machine.

As we like to say, “You’ve gotta move to find your groove.”

In this fun and action-packed seminar, you and your team will walk away with:

  • An understanding of your unique brain profile and how it impacts your ability to think and communicate. (This brain profile is very different from other assessments such as the DISC or 16PF because it is based on how your brain was uniquely wired for performance before birth.)
  • How to set and achieve powerful “process” related goals (In other words, the things that you’re actually going to do to achieve your big goals.)
  • Simple yet effective techniques to clear the mental obstacles that keep you from achieving your goals.
  • A 10-minute mind hack that blows away procrastination and spurs you into action.
  • Powerful movements that give you razor-sharp focus and concentration so you accomplish more during the day.
  • An understanding of the real causes of stress (this will be a surprise to you) and how stress affects your brain and body
  • Quick techniques to reduce your stress so that you’re happier and more productive.

We customize each seminar for the unique challenges that your team faces. Contact us today for a consultation or to book your own seminar.

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