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Warning Students: Read this at the risk of melting stress and acing your college classes!

If you feel stressed out about school and like you’re constantly behind the 8 ball, did you know that there is an easier way?

The reality is that school can be stressful. That’s the reason only 52% of college students in Georgia graduate within 6 years. Think about that for a second. Only half of college students graduate within 6 years, mostly because they struggle with focus, procrastination and motivation.

But I bet you didn’t know that school doesn’t have to be as stressful. What would it be like to feel calm, relaxed and like you’re on top of everything in school?

I’ll explain how you can get there in a second. But before I show you that, look at this quick checklist to see how stressful learning is for you. How many of these behaviors will you check off?

  • You have a hard time paying attention in class. (You may even have been classified as ADD/ADHD.)
  • You procrastinate a lot.
  • You doodle on your paper or jiggle your leg or pencil during lectures.
  • Memorizing boring facts and figures is hard for you.
  • You wish you were more organized.
  • You stress out a lot about tests and papers.
  • Taking notes during lectures is stressful. You feel like you’re a beat behind and you’re always having to sneak a peek at the notebook of the person beside you.
  • It takes you a long time to complete your reading assignments.
  • You usually have a messy workspace. You have a “piling” rather than a “filing” system.
  • When you’re upset or under stress (like when your professor puts you on the spot), you have a hard time finding the words to express yourself.
  • Sometimes, you have so many different thoughts in your head at the same time that you don’t know which one to focus on. It makes it hard to write papers because your thoughts feel disorganized and scattered.

If you answered “yes” to some of these questions, then school is probably stressful for you. But don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you! It’s just the way your brain was wired before you were even born. This is called your “brain profile” and it’s unique to you. School can be much easier for you once you understand how your brain works.

I want school to be easier

As you read each word of this letter, notice to see if you’re becoming really interested in learning what your profile is.

This cool experiment will help you discover one piece of it. Can you read this easily?



If you can read this easily, it means your dominant eye tracks from right to left, the opposite way that English was written.

Ok, you might be thinking: “How does that affect me in school?”

Before I explain that, let me answer a question that might be on your mind right now…

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen to Me?

Before I go any further, let me introduce myself. My name is Dr. Nita Matthews-Morgan and I’m an Educational Psychologist and a retired UGA professor. I’ve made it my life’s mission to study learning and how the brain works. (Actually, I’m a bit of a brain nerd!) For the last 15 years I’ve been busy training teachers in Georgia with unique, cool ways to help their students learn.

Now I’m joining forces with my son and business partner (and recent college graduate) Josh to give you the tools you need to succeed in college.

Why do I want to help you?

You know a bit about my background, but what you don’t know is that I’ve always had to work really hard at school to make good grades. School was always stressful for me. I hated writing papers and found it hard to organize myself and focus in class. Now, just like you, I learned ways to compensate (eating M & Ms while studying was my favorite). But learning continued to be stressful and sometimes it just got to be too much!

In fact, I dropped out of school twice! (I always loved seeing my students’ eyes get really big when I shared this little fact during class.)

So believe me, I know all about learning under stress!

I eventually ended up getting my PhD in Educational Psychology to understand some of the struggles I went through as a student. And, I wanted to learn ways of helping students get through school without some of the challenges I experienced.

Now, I learned a whole bunch of stuff in school and the years after, but it wasn’t until I learned some of the things that we’ll show in our Learn Your Brain seminar that I finally understood why I struggled so much in school. I had no idea how much my brain profile impacted me!

Nita, show me how my brain works!

Your Unique Brain Profile Controls How Well You Do in School

You were born with a unique brain profile that controls every aspect of your life. As an infant, you developed a preferred brain hemisphere (left or right), eye, ear, hand and foot. Your profile affects how you read, take notes, how you communicate, even how you handle stress.

Here are some interesting facts about your brain profile:

  • If you’re born with a dominant left eye, you can easily read the sentence above in blue. Learning to read in English might have been tough for you and you might read more slowly than others. (That’s because your left eye scans from right to left, the opposite direction that English is written.)
  • If you’re left ear dominant, you hear everything with a millisecond delay. (So taking good notes while your professor talks can be a challenge.)
  • Although nobody uses only their left brain or right brain, you have easier access to one side of your brain.
  • If you’re left-brain dominant, you’re in luck because school is mainly left brained. (It’s mostly memorizing facts and figures, writing papers, etc.)
  • If you’re right-brain dominant, you might have a harder time in school and struggle to remember passwords and math facts. (Your brain is wired to remember faces and stories, or what you wore when you went out last weekend.)

Doing just about anything well, including school and sports, involves using both hemispheres of your brain. Once you understand your unique profile and learn ways to access both sides of your brain and body, you can learn and move through life with much greater ease.

I know you’re starting to get really excited and curious to learn more about how your brain is wired. And when you start to feel curious do you act on it?

I want to find out how my brain is wired!

Imagine using your study and class time so effectively that you have more time to do other things! Imagine feeling less stress with school!

We’ll give you the tools to get there in our upcoming Learn Your Brain Seminar. And we’ll also show you how to put your brain in peak performance mode.

What Your Brain Needs to Be In “Peak Performance” Mode

Did you know that your body needs to move so that your brain will function at its best? Have you ever gone for a run or finished a workout and felt centered, calm, even smarter than before? That’s because certain kinds of movement help you activate the different parts of your brain that you need to perform well in school.

To be in “peak performance” mode you need:

  • both of your eyes, ears and brain hemispheres “switched on”
  • relaxed muscles and lowered stress
  • plenty of water (your brain is around 75% water)

In addition to discovering your brain profile, we’ll show you simple movements and techniques that will “get you from zero to hero” and turn you into an academic performance machine.

Sign me up so I can put my brain in “peak performance” mode!

Here’s what you’ll get from this seminar:

In this fun and interactive seminar, you’ll discover your unique brain profile, plus we’ll show you:

  • Simple ways to switch on your whole brain so you can easily understand any academic subject.
  • Four things your brain needs to be in “peak performance” mode, where you feel like a mental superhero. (You may know one of the answers if you’ve read this letter carefully.)
  • Powerful movements that switch on both your eyes so that you remember more of what you read in your textbooks.
  • An easy way to “turn on” both of your ears so that you remember information more easily during lectures.
  • Simple tools and tricks to help you have laser-like focus in and out of class so you can get your work done faster and have more time to have fun. (No, it’s not a triple espresso or Energy Shot!)
  • An amazingly simple technique you can use to melt away all your stress. (It works WAY better than eating M & M’s or going downtown to drink beer!)
  • The meaning of life. (Just kidding on this last one, wanted to make sure you were still with us)

As a BONUS, you’ll learn a simple mind-hack that will help put your brain into “peak performance” mode. After doing this 5-10 minute technique, you will feel like you’ve had 3 cups of coffee or you’ve just come back from the best run of your life. You will be amazed at how clear your mind is and how easy school gets for you.

How surprised would you be to feel good about school and studying because you are so calm and relaxed?

Imagine feeling eager about going to class because you’re so focused and learning is much easier!

Yes, I want to be more focused! Sign me up!

What Students Are Saying About Our Learn Your Brain Seminars

Don’t just listen to what we’re saying! Check out this video to hear for yourself what other students say about our Learn Your Brain seminar.

How much will this cost you?

Now, I bet you’re wondering how much you’ll have to pay for this seminar.

Here’s the deal:
Normally, we charge at least $150 per hour to coach someone one-on-one with these tools. But we are offering this seminar for a hugely reduced price because we want to make this information available to every student. So instead of charging you $150 per hour like usual, we are offering 6 hours of our best material and content for the price of one used textbook.

That’s right, your investment for our entire Learn Your Brain seminar is only $125. And we are even offering an early-bird special if you decide to sign up today. If you sign up now, the price for this seminar is only $97. (***This is a limited time offer. We can only offer this price to the first 10 people to sign up. So get it while it lasts.)

What if you could learn some simple ways to ramp up your success in school and also make things easier for you? What if for the price of one textbook you learned things that help you glide through this school year with ease? What if this seminar made the entire rest of your college career stress-free and fun?

Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

You may be worried about making this investment since you don’t know us. But here’s the deal. We believe so much in what we’re doing and the benefits you’ll get that we’re offering you a 100% guarantee. If you’re not delighted with the results (increased focus, less stress, better grades, and more ease in school) after applying this information, then we refuse to keep your money. You can just send us a quick e-mail within 30 days of the seminar asking for your money back and we’ll refund your money right then and there, no questions asked!

So there’s absolutely no risk for you to sign up today. In fact, the risk is on us. You could come to our seminar, apply all these amazing tips and get great results…and then still ask us for your money back. (We’re trusting that you won’t do that to us, but hey, that’s how confident we are in our guarantee.)

What would happen if you decide now to take charge of your learning and your stress level?

Make sure you act now because seating for this seminar is very limited. We limit the number to 30 students so we have time to answer all your questions and give you the best experience possible.

Don’t miss out on your chance to make learning and school so much easier for you. We want you to get the full benefit of this life-changing seminar by signing up now!

Click the button below to sign up because you want to have your best year ever!


I want to sign up for the next Learn Your Brain seminar. I understand that I’ll get:

  • An explanation of my unique brain profile and how to get the most out of it.
  • Simple movements that switch on my whole brain so I can easily understand any academic subject.
  • An easy way to turn on both my eyes so that I remember more of what I read in my textbooks.
  • A quick way to “turn on” both of my ears so that I easily remember information during long lectures.
  • A 5 minute series of “brain exercises” that gives me laser-like focus so I get my work done faster and have more time to have fun.
  • An amazingly simple technique I can use to melt away all my stress.
  • A 10 minute process that will make me feel like a mental superhero where my thoughts flow clearly.
  • Other useful tips and tricks to put my brain into “peak performance” mode.
  • I understand that there is a 30-day guarantee for this Learn Your Brain Seminar and if I’m unhappy with my experience, I will receive my money back with no questions asked.

Here’s the skinny:

Date: Saturday April 6, 2013

Time: 9:30am-3:30pm (We’ll have an hour break for lunch)

Where: The Georgia Center (1197 S Lumpkin St, Athens, GA 30602)

Price: $97 (If you sign up today. After the first 10 people, the price jumps to $125.)

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P.S. Now’s the time for you to melt away your stress and ace your classes!  Click  on the “Sign Up Now!” button to join us for this seminar!