1. Do contralateral moves, such as marching in place, lifting your knees up and touching your opposite knee with your opposite hand. This helps activate both sides of the brain. You need both hemispheres to be able to get ideas and also implement them. When you are blocked you tend to be using only one hemisphere.
  2. Visualize yourself doing what you need to do. Studies show that even when you visualize doing something without actually doing it you activate the necessary muscles and the necessary parts of the brain. If you are procrastinating about doing something just visualize yourself doing it. See yourself smiling while you are doing it.
  3. Notice your self talk. When you are telling yourself harsh things about feeling blocked and not being able to get started you respond as you did in the past to an authority figure. You may avoid and procrastinate. Notice your behavior without the story. The stories might include “I’m such a failure because….”, “I can’t believe that I can’t…..”  The stories we tell ourselves about our perceived failure to act keep us in the resistance and what we resist, persists. Just notice what we are doing without the judgement: “ I notice I’m sitting here wasting time and not starting to do what I want to do”. Without the story  we are more likely to be able to get in touch with what we need to be able to move forward. Is it more information, more resources, more focus? Pretend you are a person who comes to you and says, “I’m procrastinating and can’t get started”. What would you tell this person? Now tell yourself this.
  4. Pick one small thing you could do this very minute and do it. Do it just for the pleasure of doing it. Shut off all voices of judgment that what you’re doing is not big enough or important enough. After you finish doing this, make another very small goal and do it. Usually when we’re blocked we don’t see how we can do the task because we feel that we have to do it all perfectly or all at once. We forget that all tasks are composed of smaller steps.
  5. It’s helpful to do some free-flow writing. Just write about anything that comes to mind. If you feel blocked about writing then draw some magic eights on a piece of paper. Draw a large eight on its side by going first to the left and then to the right. Keep your eyes focused on the tip of your pencil while you keep your head still. Allow only your eyes to move across the paper. What you need to be focused on is the eye activation of moving your eyes across the visual midfield. Now do a couple of magic eights and then print an “a” on the left side of the eight. Next do two more magic eights and print a “b” on the right side of the eight. Next do 2 more magic eights and print a “c” on the left side. You will find that your ideas will start flowing as you draw these letters. You can do other letters of the alphabet in the same way.