Mindset Mastery Bootcamp Training Program

Attention entrepreneurs, business owners and high performers in the Athens area,

Discover How to Create Massive Momentum in Your Business and Achieve the Vision of What You Truly Want

If you’re reading this page, you’re among the few who are invited to take part in our Mindset Mastery Bootcamp coaching program.

Want to know the skinny about this process?

Put simply, this 7-week process (plus two bonus sessions) will help you program your brain for greater positivity, productivity and performance so that you can have the income and impact that you want in your business.

In this training, we’ll show you the exact strategies and tools for growing your business by leaps and bounds, all with less stress than you could even imagine.

When you join us for this training, we’ll show you the same principles that a local art store owner used to grow her business by 72% in the past year—huge growth that caused her to move into a new building and double the size of her store.

These are the same tools that one of our clients used to grow his business by 8 times over the course of the last two years.

Here’s what you need to know about this program:

  • It’s different than any other program that exists on the planet today. It’s the newest, hottest program around.
  • We’ve done the legwork for you by finding the latest cutting-edge research from neuroscience and positive psychology and synthesizing these results into a fun, dynamic “bootcamp” for personal transformation.
  • It will show you step-by-step how to make the changes in your life and business that lead to greater success.
  • It’s based on cutting-edge research and brand new techniques that will change your life.
  • It’s different than most coaching programs because you’ll walk away from it with brain-based techniques that you can use in any challenging situation for the rest of your life.
  • You’ll join an elite group of entrepreneurs and high performers who are using the latest tools for peak performance and mental mastery.
  • These tools and this information will help you lead your life in a way you’ve never done before.

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Here’s an outline of each powerful session below (plus other bonus content that we give away during the program):

**Warning: Space is extremely limited for this group and will fill up quickly. (Our last program filled up in less than 2 weeks from when we opened registration!)

Session 1: The Power of Purpose
In this session, we’ll help you identify a powerful purpose that will give you and your business a huge boost of momentum. Purpose is like putting nitrous oxide in your car—it helps get you to your destination much faster. We’ll also show you a simple formula for creating a magnetic business that helps draw your ideal clients and team members to you.

Session 2: Creating an Inspiring Vision
This session will help you create an exciting vision of your business success using a process called Visioneering. We’ll show you brain-based tips that will help pull you towards your vision, and help you understand the exact relationship to have with your vision.

Session 3: The Case for Emotion: Your Built-In Emotional Positioning System (EPS)
Did you know that you have an internal GPS that will always guide you towards the achievement of your highest goals? In this session, we’ll show you how to activate it, plus we’ll give you our own powerful process proven by the latest research in positive psychology to turbocharge your positivity and productivity.

3D_View_Narrowed_RGBSession 4: The Stress Response and Negative Beliefs
In this session, we’ll show you how the stress response in your brain literally “hijacks” your performance. You’ll learn your unique “saboteurs” as well as simple techniques to overcome both your saboteurs and the stress response.

Session 5: Focus and Flow
In this session, we’ll give you the techniques and tools you need to stay focused and moving powerfully towards your exciting vision. Focus is one of the areas that most entrepreneurs and high performers struggle with in their lives. We’ll share the latest research and tools for getting into Flow, the brain state for peak productivity and performance, on a regular basis.

Session 6: Rituals: The key to unlocking your highest performance
This session on rituals is the most important piece of the puzzle because it ties together the whole high performance framework. Rituals are how you live out your purpose, stay connected to your vision, fuel positive emotion, and tap into laser-like focus. Rituals are the tools that move you quickly towards achieving everything you want.

In this session, we’ll introduce you to our unique Learn Your Brain Ritual Creation Process that will give you the tools to easily create new rituals in your life.

Session 7: Program Wrap-up and intro to EFT
In the final session, we’ll wrap up the program by sharing with you a way to amplify your success beyond our program. We’ll also introduce you to Emotional Freedom Technique—one of the most powerful brain-reprogramming tools for your stress management and personal development.

Imagine having a tool that can help you easily change the way you feel so that you’re more empowered in every aspect of your business. This brain-based tool is the secret to creating new programming for greater positivity, productivity and performance.

LIVE Bonus Sessions: (These sessions will be conducted via live webinar and recorded for future access.)

Bonus Session #1: EFT Choices Method
In this bonus session, we’ll show you a very powerful technique that allows you to shift negative thinking into any emotional state you want–leading to greater confidence, excitement, inner certainty, etc.

Bonus Session #2: Creating Personal Resource States
In this final bonus session, we’ll show you how to connect to positive experiences and feelings from the past and use them to propel you to success now.

Bonus Training:

Boost Your Brain Video Course: In this interactive video training, we’ll show you brain-based movements that you can use throughout the day to keep your stress levels low, your energy levels high and to maintain laser-like focus on your most important tasks. These are one of the simplest, best ways to manage your energy and to keep yourself at a high, consistent level of performance.

Creating a Powerful Mastermind Group Bonus Training: In this course, we’ll show you a framework for creating massive success even after the program ends—Masterminding. Masterminding with other success-oriented people is a hidden principle that all truly successful business people use. We’ll show you exactly how to create your own Mastermind group so that you can magnify your success into the future.

Here’s what’s included in this Mindset Mastery Bootcamp:

  • Seven weeks of group coaching & training with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs and other high performers.
  • Two bonus sessions with life-changing techniques we use with private clients (We’ve never trained people on these techniques before.)
  • The full Mindset Mastery Bootcamp Workbook—includes supplemental articles and training at the end of each lesson.
  • A new, never-released-to-the-public Mindset Mastery Bootcamp 6-CD audio training program.
  • High Energy Video Course **Bonus training
  • Mastermind Bonus Training Course **Bonus training
  • Access to recorded audio/video of all Bootcamp sessions and bonus sessions for later use.
  • Unlimited access to us as coaches during this 9 week process.

Sounds like your cup of tea? Get in touch with us now!


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**Warning: Space is extremely limited for this group and will fill up quickly (our last program filled up in less than 2 weeks from when we opened registration!).