Video Transcript

Nita Matthews-Morgan: Ok, so today I’m going to talk about why we compare ourselves to others even though it feels really bad. Now I’m going to tell you before I explain that that the only comparison we should be making is where we are now and where we’re going. It’s really safer to stay out of other people’s heads…

But, we have inherited the need to compare ourselves from earlier mammals. You see, for eons animals have been doing it in order to deal with conflict and to see who was top and who was down. You see that with dogs when they greet each other, right? They’re going to see who’s going to be the top dog and who’s going to have to submit.

So after ions of that social comparison being programmed into our brains, it gets really easy to do that.

Think about at work sometimes. Maybe you’ve done some work and your teammates, your perception is that they get more of the praise than you do. Immediately that emotional brain kicks in and you start going down that rabbit hole of feeling threatened. It’s almost as if your very survival is at stake because it’s so automatic.

So, you’re always going to compare yourself and when you compare yourself and feel better, enjoy it, but don’t get hooked on it because there are going to be times when you compare yourself and you feel bad. Just remember that’s your survival brain kicking in and you’re looking for threats.

But the bottom line that I want to tell you is, is do your best to stop that whole thinking. Just compare yourself, where you are and where you want to go. Cause that’s where your real power is. Thanks.

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